The goal of Youth Appeal is to build a village of youth pastors and youth leaders that will collectively impact tomorrows youth.

It sounds simple enough but its not something that will happen organically, its going to take some contribution. This site is only a platform by which we can facilitate connection and sharing of information. We dream that you will eventually connect with other Youth Ministers that you can shoulder with. Resources can be accessed to give those you lead with and build your team. Stories shared and laughs and tears experienced.

Youth ministry is not for the faint hearted but it usually is thrust upon the most charismatic young leader in a church community. The responsibility is huge and the outcomes are more than just attendance. Lets build the best youth ministries we can, all for the glory of Jesus.

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  1. Jeff Beckley says:

    Thanks for stopping by the blog. Read some of your stuff, keep up the good work! Like you said, and I’m for “Let’s build the best youth ministries we can, all for the glory of Jesus”. I’m all for that!


    1. youthappeal says:

      Thanks Jeff. Happy to collaborate with you too if you have a post you would like me to promote that will help out the youth appeal community in the future.


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